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How To Create A Predictable Revenue Stream Without A Big Audience Or Chasing Leads By Building A Community!

6-Month Program

Bi-Weekly Live Coaching 

Accountability & Support

What is it?

This is the framework that my one on one clients have used from scratch to launch their communities. It starts with building your foundation, your offer, how to market and sell without "selling. Together we will launch & scale your community using the challenge model. The Challenge Champion provides the 7 step challenge framework along with support to get you launching and scaling the framework to continually doing 6 figure+ challenges.

Who is it for?

Change Makers, Movement Makers, Micro-Influencers, Thought Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Consultants, Coaches, Speakers, Mastermind Leaders, Course Creators that want to make an impact in this world.  

Where does it happen?

We launch in February of 2022. However, those who lock in early start off immediately with a 1 on 1 strategy session. After this meeting you can access half the program which is recorded. This will get you into action mode before we even start the group program. Beginning the first week of February we will meet bi-weekly LIVE to deliver coaching and framework accountability. This will build your enduring revenue stream leveraging the challenge model mixed with other tools. To ensure when you complete our time together, you are equipped to achieve your revenue goals. 

How does it work?

All BONUS offer content is recorded in a private community page. You get immediate access to the Movement Marketing Academy & Social Selling Mastery Program. The format of these programs is to walk you through step-by-step of each core pillar. Then you will be ready for our group launch in February of 2022.

When does it start?

The week of 2/7/22 and will meet bi-weekly.

Why does it exist?

After completing 15 personal challenges & 13 client challenges. It was obvious the framework was helping scale movements faster. Clients eventually asked The Challenge Champion to help them scale faster. And this program is the way to serve more effectively build their challenges. This birthed the Done With You offering of the Academy.  

Here's how it works

Our program was created to get you the most results, in the shortest period of time

The Race Starts Here

This is where we go through your entire journey of building a predictable enduring revenue stream with challenges. We map out your journey and all the components needed. This is way beyond just your challenge, we cover branding, your micro-niche, your message to the market. The content alone in this section will change the game for you on your entrepreneurial journey. 

Additionally, you will receive BONUS access to The Endurance Accelerator: Social Selling Mastery Playbook. This program will provide you with the enduring tools to build your brand using LinkedIn. That attracts your ideal clients & converts them to revenue. 

Designing The Journey 

This is where we dive deep into all the components needed to design your strategy. The BIG picture of how much bigger challenges really are in the grand scheme of your brand. How to design them step by step, and how to come up with your challenge hook. The design of your challenge and the hook are the most critical components for success.

You will receive a challenge launch checklist, strategic launch guide and entire resource center of tools needed. This section has been the component my one on one clients are using for their entire brand, which has led to even more successful challenges.  

Build & Launch Your Challenge

This is where we will develop all components needed to scale your movement. 

Components include- your run of show, the technology tools you MUST have, how to set up the right kind of attraction marketing tools, your landing page, the email & text sequencing, how to build a community page OUTSIDE of rented space and drive traffic to it! As a BONUS you get 1 year access to an outside community tool of your own. 

Along with a few BONUS surprise tool. One will Gamify your challenge and the other will gather testimonies for you on auto-pilot.


Crafting Your Finish Line Offer + Filling Your Challenge Organically 

This is where we do a deep dive into your offer and the strategy behind how to make it. Also includes everything you need to build your finish line offer to close out your challenge strong. Along with how to use LinkedIn & Clubhouse to organically fill your challenge. All while building an email list you can repurpose continually.

This  will have you STOP spending money on ADS when you see this PROVEN framework.

The Finish Line- Group Coaching Program 

This is where you are 100% ready to launch your predictable enduring revenue model. We will work as a Community to help support each other. To leverage tools and resources that are within The Challenge Champion's network. 

Our group coaching will ignite and help you implement all you need for success. In our group coaching we are going to cover branding, social messaging, content, marketing, sales, enduring revenue strategies to your 18 month goals. This is where the challenge framework will change all you do going forward.


We don't just talk. We deliver.

What some clients have to say

Eric Rogell

Founder Boldmen Brotherhood

Kathleen Caldwell

Founder C-Suite Network's Women's Leadership Council, CEO - Caldwell Consulting Group, LLC

Sheryl Lynn

Chair of Joy CEO, Joyely LLC

Shahid Durrani

Founder & Thought Leader For High Ticket Sales Programs

Mike Griffiths

CEO Consulting Skills LTD

Larry Walters

CEO Steadystraps.com

Meet Your Guide

Chris has become known as The Challenge Champion. With over 25 years in sales, he has been able to help startup companies get through the pioneering phase & into making an impact in this world. He is "your cornerman in social selling". With his specialty of creating spaces for entrepreneurs to connect and make an impact with revenue-generating challenge

Guiding mission-driven entrepreneurs who would like to launch movements while building community.

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